The Innovating Environmental Solutions Center (IESC) is a new hazardous waste management company incorporated in 2010 in which Advance WHM and Ecofuel Ltd are equal partners.

The IESC is aspiring to become a model of one-stop-shop for relieving its clients of the burden of disposing their hazardous materials. It’s long term goal is to install solutions for all streams of hazardous materials produced in Cyprus.

The IESC is using innovating thinking to tackle the challenges presented by the small quantities generated in Cyprus and the fact that Cyprus is an island which makes the export of hazardous waste a very expensive option.

The IESC can handle engine oil filters, antifreeze fluids, fluorescent tubes, packing which contained hazardous materials e.g lubricating oils, pesticides ets. Its capabilities are expanging rapidly as a result of the synergies within the partners.